Watchmen: News & Prayer

‘pray in the Spirit on all occasions … be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints’ Ephesians 6:18

Joie de Vie believe that prayer is not only an integral part of collective worship but also an important part of our individual walk with our Heavenly Father.  We hope the following information will enable you to pray for the Fellowship, this area of the Vendee and for people connected to Joie de Vie, in a specific and focused way.

For the Fellowship
Please pray that Joie de Vie continues to be a welcoming, worshipping and witnessing church in St Gilles Croix de Vie and the surrounding area.
Pray for Beri, Sian, Catryn, Jack, Bethan, Neil, Jason and the extended family after Roger was called home on the 26th July. The funeral took place in Landevielle on the 3rd August. There is to be a Thanksgiving service for his life on 31st August at St Nicholas Church Newbury at 12 noon all are welcome to attend, this will be followed by light refreshments in the hall. Sadly, Roger died on what should have been their golden wedding anniversary.
Pray for the Bureau over the coming weeks as decisions are made as to the future running of Joi de Vie and the direction it should take.
Pray for the members of Joie de Vie as they return to the Vendee during the summer months. It is always good to catch up with old friends and of course new visitors to the area.
For Matt Brown and family as he continues his work with Reality.
For the ongoing work of Medic Malawi whom we have supported in the past.
Please pray for Pere Bernard, a real friend of Joie de Vie, now retired, and for Pere Jean-Marie the new parish priest.

St Gilles Croix de Vie and the surrounding area
Please pray for Father Bernard and the Roman Catholic Church in St Gilles who let us use their premises. For the links that have been forged between the Church and Joie de Vie.
Pray for La Pas Opton, the Spring Harvest Camp Site, for Dave Bentley, the new park manager and Sam Pecher his assistant. Pray for all the speakers and worship leaders who run the spiritual programme that they, and the holidaymakers will be blessed as they stay at La Pas Opton. Pray for continued links between Joie de Vie and LPO during the 2019 season.
For All Saints, the English-speaking Anglican Church in the Vendee, who are in a period of Interregnum.  Pray that those who attend the services will still be blessed and will be a witness throughout the local community.
For Le Pont, an Anglo – French association set up to help English people moving to the Vendee, integrate into the local French community.

The Joie de Vie Family

prayer is still needed at this time for the Brexit situation. The situation for members of Joie de Vie and others known to us is very unclear at the present time, whether they live in France or have a holiday or mobile home.
We need to pray that the UK parliament start working together to obtain a good outcome for the UK and for the British people whether they live in the UK or abroad time is short, but God is able to move mountains if his people pray. Please pray that all our members are granted that peace that passes all understanding over this situation, till the outcome is confirmed and understood by all.

Urgent Prayer Request
Ruth Amos had asked for urgent prayer for her cousins’ daughter, Amelia Grace, aged 30, she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been given a few months to live. Since asking for prayer, Amelia was offered a new treatment, one of only three people in the UK  to trial it, it is called PIPAC and it is a radical cancer spray therapy  as well as regular chemotherapy, the cancer appears to be shrinking, so we continue to pray that it reduces enough in size so the Drs can operate. Amalia has lived long enough to meet her new niece and to get engaged to Luke. They are planning a wedding in September in Donegal. Let’s hope our prayers continue to be answered and the tumours continue to shrink.
Sadly Geoff, Ruth and family have asked for another urgent prayer request, their nine-year-old granddaughter Lola, she has been found to have an incurable brain tumour on the brain stem. She is undergoing thirteen sessions of radiotherapy to try and shrink the tumour and prolong her life, for 9 to 12 months. Please pray that this family will be granted that peace that passes all understanding and they can all make happy memories with Lola to help them through the dark days to come.
Pray for Paul and Jane, new friends of Joie de Vie as they investigate the possibility of relocating to France.
Please continue to pray for all who are part of the extended Joie de Vie family, for the friendships made and for the support and love shown for one another. Pray that they might be outward looking and showing Jesus’ love to all they meet.
Continue to pray that the Little House will be used, by those who need time away from their busy lives, to reflect on their walk with God and enjoy the beauty of his handiwork in the Vendee.

If anyone has news or prayer requests that they would like to share with the Joie de Vie family, please e-mail Jenny Seller who will make sure it is put on the next month’s update. Some of us haven’t met each other but have often heard about each other, but we still belong to one church family as Gods children.

Jenny Seller’s e mail address is

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